At Warning Vote, we embrace the power of artificial intelligence as a transformative tool that assists in editing and composing all the materials you encounter on our website and social media.

This use of AI ensures that our efforts remain cohesive and anonymous, reflecting a unified group rather than individual voices.

Our aim is to democratize information, making it accessible and understandable, enabling every citizen to arm themselves with knowledge as we approach the critical 2024 elections.

We recognize the abundance of information available-spanning documents, videos, and audio files.

AI helps us dissect and disseminate this content swiftly and accurately, ensuring you receive the most relevant and timely information.

This process is vital for maintaining the pace required to keep the electorate informed and prepared, supporting our mission to foster an informed voter base.

Our ethical commitment governs every use of AI technology.

We strictly use AI to enhance the factual content provided without altering the core information.

We pledge never to use AI to manipulate or misrepresent the content of documents, nor to alter video or audio recordings in a way that changes their original context or meaning.

Our AI use respects the authenticity of original sources, ensuring that what you read, see, and hear is what was genuinely said or documented, without distortion.

This ethical framework not only supports our mission but also protects the integrity of the information and the democratic process itself.

By leveraging AI, we enhance our capabilities without compromising our values, ensuring that every piece of information we provide is a step towards informed decision-making.

At Warning Vote, we are committed to using every tool at our disposal responsibly and ethically.

By informing you about our use of AI, we ensure transparency and maintain your trust, which is the cornerstone of our collective effort to uphold and advance our democratic ideals.