Empowering Voters, Safeguarding Democracy

Welcome to Warning Vote, your vigilant partner in the democratic process.

Our mission is clear: to empower and educate voters across the nation by providing them with transparent, unbiased information on legislative developments and policy shifts.

At Warning Vote, we believe in the fundamental power of informed decision-making as a bulwark to protect our rights and freedoms.

Born from a diverse coalition of concerned citizens, we stand committed to countering misinformation and the often unseen influences that threaten public safety and civil liberties through deregulatory measures and obscured agendas.

As a grassroots organization with no major funding or corporate backing, we ensure that our resources and insights remain focused solely on serving the public interest.

Our approach is nonpartisan; we uphold the principle that the defense of democracy transcends political affiliations.

We provide you with critical information and analytical tools to not only understand but effectively respond to proposals that could undermine public welfare and destabilize our community’s safety.

By staying vigilant, we help foster a community ready to sound the alarm and advocate for transparent and equitable legislation.