Take a Stand: Protect Our Secular Democracy

Their Words, Our Guiding Light

The Secular Foundation of Government:

The Dangers of Religious Bondage:

The Role of Religion in Oppression:

Questioning Religious Authority:

The Myth of Divine Intervention:

The Ideal World Free of Religion:

Christianity and Common Law:

The Consequences of Ecclesiastical Establishments:

The Bible’s Influence:

The Nature of Religious Institutions:

Our Urgent Call to Action

Let us not forget that these words were spoken by leaders who fought for a nation where freedom of belief is sacred, where governance is free from religious dominance, and where every individual’s rights are protected.

We stand at a crossroads where the secular fabric of our nation is under threat.

It is time for us to honor the intent of our Founding Fathers and ensure the United States remains a beacon of freedom, secular democracy, and diverse belief for all.

Join us as we uphold the vision of a nation that cherishes democracy, values freedom, and guards against the rise of an authoritarian theocracy.

Stand with us—your voice is crucial. Your vigilance is needed. Your action is necessary.

Together, we are the custodians of the heart and soul of our nation.