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Born from a collective passion for protecting the democratic ideals that unite us, we are your neighbors, your colleagues, and your friends, all sharing a common goal: to keep the power of choice in the hands of the American voter.

Our platform was founded on a simple yet profound belief: Knowledge is power.

Here at Warning Vote, we cut through the political chatter to bring you in-depth analysis of the pressing issues that matter.

We stand independent, fueled by small contributions from engaged citizens eager to make a difference.

We’re powered by everyday people, not political action committees or shadowy financiers. We operate with full transparency, free from the influence of outside funding.

Our only agenda is truth; our only allegiance is to the electorate. When it comes to voting, your choice should be yours alone.

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Our approach is shaped in response to Project 2025, a significant initiative supported by the Heritage Foundation and 100 conservative groups.

At Warning Vote, all of our funding comes from individual citizens, voters, and donors like you, who believe in making a difference.

While we operate in a political landscape where many claim nonpartisanship, we strive to remain as impartial as possible.

This situation has made it necessary for us to illuminate the underlying policies and intentions that may not be apparent in their public communications.

We are here to provide clarity and promote informed decision-making, ensuring that every voter has access to the honest and complete picture needed to vote according to their values.

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Empower Through Information


At Warning Vote, our goal is to inform voters by providing essential facts and detailed analyses of political initiatives, without pushing a specific political agenda.

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Grassroots Mobilization


As a grassroots organization, Warning Vote amplifies the voices of American citizens through community events and discussions, fostering an informed, engaged, and strong electorate poised to make impactful voting decisions.

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Nonpartisan Perspective


Warning Vote is committed to nonpartisanship.


We deliver impartial information on various political agendas, enabling voters to make informed decisions aligned with their personal values.

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Financial Transparency


At Warning Vote, transparency is crucial for building trust.
We are proudly supported by individual donors who believe in our mission, ensuring our community knows our insights remain free from external influences.

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Voter Engagement


Our core mission is to engage voters.
Warning Vote develops interactive tools and resources that help voters stay informed, discuss important issues, and actively participate in the democratic process at all levels.

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Issue Awarenes


Warning Vote highlights critical issues currently impacting our democracy, from civil liberties to social welfare.
We provide thorough coverage on topics that may influence our future, ensuring every voter has the opportunity to make their voice heard.




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