United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Protecting All Households in the Fight for Equity

A United Call for Democracy

Across our nation, from blue-collar workers to corporate leaders, from independents to partisans of all stripes, we share common ground:

We all contribute to our nation through taxes, seek meaningful connections in love, and deeply appreciate integrity and safety provided by our leaders.

United in our core needs and life experiences, we share the bond of being Americans.

The Challenge Ahead: Project 2025

Beneath a guise of patriotic zeal, a powerful campaign backed by $55 million is underway, aligning with forces that threaten the democratic values we hold dear.

This initiative, known as Project 2025, is steering us towards a future where personal beliefs could be monitored and freedoms curtailed.

It is time to peel back the curtain on these efforts that could redefine our society.

What Is at Stake?

Project 2025 plans to:

  • Influence governance by embedding ideologically driven individuals within key positions of power, potentially disrupting our unity.
  • Impose restrictive laws that contradict the diverse and inclusive society that strengthens our nation.
  • Blur the lines between church and state, challenging the secular foundation of our public life.

Responding to Autocratic Alliances

This strategy includes troubling partnerships with regimes like Viktor Orban’s Hungary, known for its authoritarian grip. Such alliances pose a clear and present danger to our democratic processes and individual freedoms.

When it comes to defending our democratic values and protecting the rights of all Americans, we must adopt an intersectional approach.

If we fail to stand in solidarity with marginalized communities and alternative household structures, we risk a dangerous domino effect where the most vulnerable are systematically stripped of their freedoms.

Our adversaries thrive when they can exploit our divisions, turning neighbor against neighbor and sowing discord within our society.

They count on us to “other” each other, to retreat into echo chambers, and to neglect the struggles faced by those whose family units don’t conform to traditional norms.

But the truth is, we are all links in the chain that binds this nation together.

When one group loses their rights, it weakens the entire fabric of our democracy.

That’s why it’s crucial that we adopt an intersectional, inclusive approach to activism and advocacy – one that recognizes the unique challenges faced by single-parent households, LGBTQ+ families, multigenerational homes, and all other non-traditional domestic arrangements.

Only by standing united, with empathy and a commitment to equity, can we hope to safeguard the rights and freedoms of every American household.

We must be vigilant in our defense of marginalized communities, lest we find ourselves alone, bereft of allies, when the final blow is struck against our shared values.

The path forward is clear: we rise together or we fall divided. The choice is ours to make, but all will feel the consequences.

Let us choose the higher road, bound by our common humanity and our unwavering dedication to the principles of democracy.

Join Us: Your Role in Safeguarding Democracy

We are at a crucial juncture in our history. As these plans unfold, it is essential not only to be aware but to actively participate in shaping our future. We invite you to join us at WARNING VOTE, where together, we can ensure our government reflects the will and diversity of its people.

Take Action

  • Stay informed about the issues that impact all of us.
  • Participate in local and national elections.
  • Engage in community discussions to foster a broader understanding and unity.

March with Us

The choices we make today will define our tomorrow. As the drumbeat for democracy grows louder, we call on you to stand with us. Take up the cause for freedom, equality, and justice. Together, we can fortify the foundations of our great nation.

History Is Calling.
Will You Answer?