The Looming Threat of Conservative Domination

The potential consolidation of power by another conservative presidency, House, and Senate poses a significant threat to American democracy. Influential organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society are shaping the judiciary and policy agendas, and with extensive plans such as Project 2025 and Agenda 47, the risks are manifold and deeply concerning.

At Warning Vote, we are dedicated to sounding the alarm for democracy and protecting the rights and freedoms of all Americans. Our mission is to inform, educate, and empower voters to stand against policies that threaten the foundations of our democratic society.

As we face the significant challenges posed by the upcoming election, it is crucial to understand what is at stake and how these proposed changes by an incoming conservative leadership could impact us all.

The Challenge Ahead: Project 2025

John Oliver discusses the dangers of a Second Trump Term

Understanding Project 2025

Project 2025 is a strategic initiative developed by conservative think tanks aiming to radically reshape the federal government. The Heritage Foundation boasts of having had 60-70% of their agendas implemented during the Reagan and Trump administrations. Today, the plan is to push even more aggressively for changes that could significantly alter the landscape of our nation in a potential second Trump term.

The Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” outlines an extensive plan to reshape the federal government, aligning closely with Trump’s Agenda 47. This project includes dismantling key departments, reversing climate protections, and enforcing draconian immigration policies.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Across our nation, from blue-collar workers to corporate leaders, from independents to partisans of all stripes, we share common ground: a powerful campaign backed by $55 million is underway, aligning with forces that threaten the democratic values we hold dear.

Project 2025 is steering us towards a future where personal beliefs could be monitored and freedoms curtailed.

  • Elimination of Federal Departments:
    • Plans to dismantle the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Homeland Security.
  • Climate Protections:
    • Proposals to roll back climate change policies and withdraw from international agreements.
  • Immigration Policies:
    • Mass deportation plans, revocation of birthright citizenship, and expanded use of military for immigration enforcement.

Democrats take the high road, Republicans take the Supreme Court.

The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025: Mandate for Conservative Leadership targets include:

AAPI & BIPOC Communities

Project 2025 threatens to roll back decades of progress in civil rights, increasing discrimination and reducing opportunities for minorities.

Children & Parents

Proposed educational reforms could limit access to diverse curricula and reduce funding for public education, disadvantaging students from all backgrounds.


The revocation of environmental regulations under Project 2025 could exacerbate climate change, endangering our planet for future generations.

Disability Rights

Changes to healthcare and social services could reduce support for disabled individuals, making it harder for them to live independently and with dignity.

Federal Employees

Plans to purge federal workers and replace them with ideologically aligned individuals could destabilize the civil service and compromise impartial governance.


Harsh immigration policies would threaten the safety and opportunities of immigrants, including those seeking asylum from dangerous situations.

LGBTQIA+ Community

The rollback of protections could endanger LGBTQIA+ individuals’ rights, health, and safety.

Low-Income Families

Cuts to social welfare programs could leave many without essential support, worsening poverty and inequality.

Religious Minorities

Policies influenced by Christian Nationalism could marginalize those of different faiths, compromising religious freedom.


Education reforms could limit access to diverse perspectives and quality education, impacting the future of our youth.

Women & Reproductive Rights

Severe restrictions on reproductive rights could limit access to essential healthcare and reproductive autonomy.

Workers & Workplace Protections

Deregulation could undermine workers’ rights and safety, affecting job security and fair wages.

Environmental Protection Agency

Deregulation efforts could weaken protections for air, water, and wildlife, endangering public health and natural resources.

Department of Education

Policy changes could reduce funding and support for public schools, affecting the quality of education nationwide.

Department of Health & Human Services

Plans to dismantle healthcare programs could limit access to essential services, particularly for the most vulnerable populations.

Department of Labor

Deregulatory measures could erode workplace protections, making conditions less safe and fair for workers.

Department of Justice

The focus on conservative appointments and policies could lead to biased law enforcement and judicial outcomes, threatening civil liberties.


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United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Protecting All Households in the Fight for Equity

Project 2025 plans to:

  • Influence Governance: Embedding ideologically driven individuals within key positions of power, potentially disrupting our unity.
  • Impose Restrictive Laws: Enforcing laws that contradict the diverse and inclusive society that strengthens our nation.
  • Blur Church and State Lines: Challenging the secular foundation of our public life.
  • Form Autocratic Alliances: Partnering with regimes like Viktor Orban’s Hungary, posing a danger to our democratic processes and individual freedoms.

If we fail to stand in solidarity with marginalized communities, we risk a dangerous domino effect where the most vulnerable are systematically stripped of their freedoms. Our adversaries thrive on exploiting our divisions, turning neighbor against neighbor and sowing discord within our society. When one group loses their rights, it weakens the entire fabric of our democracy.

Join the Movement Against Project 2025 and Agenda 47, Federalist Society and the Supreme Court

The Federalist Society’s influence has led to a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, which has supported policies undermining civil rights, environmental protections, and healthcare access.

  • Civil Rights:
    • Efforts to roll back LGBTQIA+ protections and undermine marriage equality.
  • Environmental Protections:
    • Court decisions favoring deregulation and increased industrial activity, particularly in the Arctic.

Agenda 47: Trump’s Vision for America

Agenda 47 amplifies these threats with explicit plans for autocratic governance, mass deportations, and dismantling federal oversight.

  • Autocratic Governance:
    • Trump’s declaration of becoming a “dictator for a day” to enforce his policies.
  • Mass Deportations:
    • Plans for the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.

We are at a crucial juncture in our history. As these plans unfold, it is essential not only to be aware but to actively participate in shaping our future. We invite you to join us at WARNING VOTE, where together, we can ensure our government reflects the will and diversity of its people.

  • Educate Yourself and Others:
    • Stay informed about the implications of Project 2025. Share this information with your community.
  • Contact Your Representatives:
    • Let your elected officials know that you oppose the undemocratic and harmful agenda of Project 2025.
  • Vote and Advocate:
    • Participate in local and national elections. Advocate for policies that protect democracy and promote justice.
  • Support Organizations Fighting Against Extremism:
    • Donate your time or money to groups working to uphold democratic values and human rights.

The choices we make today will define our tomorrow. As the drumbeat for democracy grows louder, we call on you to stand with us. Take up the cause for freedom, equality, and justice. Together, we can fortify the foundations of our great nation.

History is calling. Will you answer?